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LGBTQ+ Teens Of Northern Utah

Who We Are

Who We Are

I Matter is an organization just for Northern Utah Teens. In conjunction with the Queering the Archives initiative, we realized there was a need for a safe space for teens to be able to tell their stories. We want you to be able to express yourself in any form your would like. We want to ensure all kids have a support system and a part of a community. LGBTQ+ kids are especially vulnerable. I Matter is for anyone who wants to tell their story and to be a part of community that is interested in support one another.

In addition to our exhibit, we plan on having monthly meet-ups, work in conjunction with Ogden Pride and the Utah Pride Center to reach all the kids in Utah who need us. Join us for some fun, some art, and some community!

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Tell Your Story

So you have decided that you want to submit your art and story to be a part of this project. First step, is to complete the Google form and give me your information and your response to the prompt "Why I Matter..."

For the art part of the project, you have many options. You can submit a self portrait, written word like a poem, an artistic representation of yourself or let me know that you would like to do a art piece (2D or 3D).

For information on how to drop off your art piece, please email me at and we will discuss arrangements.

If you aren't out to your community, you can be anonymous.

I am looking to show the diversity of the teen LGBTQ community in Northern Utah.

You can find the Google Form here

We're Here To Tell Your Stories
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Express Yourself

Sometimes, as an LGBTQ+ teenager, you can feel a little lost and a little alone. We want to help! We are creating a community where all kids feel welcome. And we want you to be a part of it!

Are you an artist? A writer? Take great selfies? Have an interesting hobby? What makes you, you? Being LGBTQ+ is a part of you, but we want to show how many other parts of you there are. We want you to show off what makes you special! What you love! What do you want the world to know about you? 

Express Yourself